Education-Labour Market Cooperation & Employment Promotion

In the field of education and employment, RUEA aims for education-labour market cooperation and employment promotion in Armenia, in particular:

  • Promotion of decent work
  • Promotion of youth employment
  • Development of standards for in-demand professions
  • Development of the "Enterprise as a place of learning" model
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial mindset at schools, support in gaining work experience, integration in the labor market and establishing own businesses
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Support for the integration of people with disabilities into the labor market.

RUEA promotes education-labor market cooperation since 2009 in the following areas:

  1. Improvement of vocational education through assessment of labor market requirements in VET sector, promotion of education with in-demand specialization and necessary skills development.
  2. Promotion of orientation among young people on professional and entrepreneurial activities. For this purpose, organization of meetings with entrepreneurs and joint visits to public schools and VET institutions.
  3. Implementation of the "Market of Business Ideas" program. In the framework of the program, young people presenting the best business ideas have started entrepreneurial activities with the RUEA support.
  4. Implementation of education strategy and legislative reforms, within the framework of Tripartite Collective Agreement and National Council for Vocational Education and Training Development (NCVETD), as well as cooperation with "Education Quality Foundation" and other sectoral state and non-state structures.
  5. In VET institutions employers are included in their internal management boards.
  6. For university students (bachelor's, master's and PhD), RUEA nominates themes relevant to the economy and the labor market. RUEA also supports the effective organization of students’ internships among employers.
  7. About 100 VET institutions and a number of higher education institutions in Armenia actively cooperate with RUEA, in particular: Gavar State University, Eurasia International University, Russian-Armenian University, Armenian State University of Economics, European University of Armenia, Yerevan State University, Armenian State Pedagogical University, Armenian National Agrarian University.

With the objective of continuous improvement of education quality, RUEA cooperates with the European Training Foundation (ETF), as well as with various local and foreign higher education institutions within the framework of European projects, such Tempus, Erasmus, Erasmus+, through involvement in various consortia.