Advocacy & Business Environment Improvement

The improvement of business environment and advocacy for RUEA members are among the RUEA important goals, included in the mission and vision of RUEA. In that regard, RUEA cooperates with relevant state bodies and non-governmental organizations within the framework of 21 commissions and councils in Armenia.

Advocacy and improvement of the business environment are carried out in the following areas:

  • Protection of business interests and improvement of the business environment, provision of recommendations on legislative reforms to the Government of Armenia, the National Assembly of Armenia and relevant state departments.
  • Forming a platform for solidarity and consensus decision-making through social partnership.
  • Entrepreneurship promotion.
  • Ensuring equal competitive conditions.
  • Improvement of state support tools.
  • Anti-corruption measures and reduction of shadow economy.

The continuous improvement of the business environment is carried out based on the results of the needs assessments among employers and the study of business environment challenges. The results are regularly presented to state bodies and are also presented in the scope of activities of the above-mentioned Councils. Of particular importance are the Tax Code, the Labor Code and a number of business-related laws and regulations in Armenia.