Occupational Safety & Health

Since 2007, occupational safety and health (OSH) has been one of the RUEA priorities. In this sphere, in 5 sectors of economy, RUEA has carried out risk assessments, developed and published a number of guidelines and handbooks, and conducted trainings and consultations for employers.

As a result of the analytical works carried out by RUEA in the period of 2021-2022, the RUEA OSH Policy was developed, highlighting the important goals related to the OSH sector.

RUEA has expanded its objectives in the OSH sector, incorporating fire safety and emergency prevention. In this field, RUEA has studied the experience of Germany, Cyprus and Latvia, which was applied in the development and implementation of OSH programs objectives.

With RUEA support, the development and implementation of OSH management system in various economic sectors were promoted in line with ILO and ISO standards. With the support of the ILO International Training Center in Turin, RUEA has trained 10 trainers (ToT) as Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) trainers within the framework of a 2-year training program.

Through close cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Health and Labor Inspection Body in Armenia, RUEA has contributed to the implementation of reforms in the field.

For the promotion of the sector, OSH awards were organized, where the best employers were awarded certificates signed by the 3 social partners.

Furthermore, in order to promote OSH training in the education sphere, about 130 OSH teachers from VET institutions were trained by RUEA.