Socio-Economic Development & Formalization

The socio-economic development of Armenia is one of the RUEA priorities. In this regard, RUEA implements projects and research programs to determine the current socio-economic challenges and to identify effective solutions, submits recommendations to state bodies in Armenia, organizes large-scale discussions and conferences aimed at socio-economic development of Armenia and overcoming obstacles, bringing together all interested parties to achieve these goals.

Based on research programs and analytical works, RUEA continuously presents important and analysis-based recommendations since 2009 regarding socio-economic reforms, anti-corruption measures, and the reduction of shadow economy of the workforce.

Within the framework of socio-economic development, RUEA projects cover the following areas:

  • Creation of a favorable environment for sustainable entrepreneurship,
  • Food security,
  • Needs assessment among employers,
  • Assessment of COVID-19 pandemic impact on business continuity and employment,
  • Study of the reasons for closing a business or suspending business activities.
  • Identification of obstacles for sustainable SME development and their resolutions through state support.
  • Assessment of the legislation impact on the business environment.
  • Identification of barriers to the formalization of the workforce, etc.

In addition, together with state bodies and non-governmental organizations, RUEA regularly participates in socio-economic development programs, discussions of concepts and strategies in various commissions, which are important for the ongoing reforms in the country, including the development of entrepreneurial activities and the formalization of the workforce.