We represent the business community in Armenia and promote the continuous improvement of the business environment.


About Us

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing the interests of employers in Armenia. We carry out business promotion and socio-economic development programs. RUEA is the only official social partner in Armenia, together with the Government and the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia, in the framework of Tripartite Collective Agreement.


On June 12 and 13, 2024, Vahagn Hambardzumyan, the President of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, undertook a working visit to Geneva, Switzerland.
On 29 March 2024, RUEA's 16th Anniversary Celebration and the 6th RUEA Assembly took place. During the event, the RUEA President Mr. Gagik Makaryan summarized the 16 years of RUEA activities and main achievements, presented the report for the last 3 years of 2021-2024 in line with the 41 directions of RUEA activities, current challenges and opportunities for future development.
On 17 January 2024, RUEA held a Conference presenting the main RUEA achievements in the past 16 years and the 40 directions of the RUEA advocacy, as well as establishing a new sectorial union on "Innovation, Green Economy and Digitalization". The purpose of the new sectorial union is to promote dialogue in the spheres of green economy and digitalization, as well as innovation and application of high-tech products in the economy.
On 18 December 2023, the President of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia G. Makaryan participated in the International Conference on "Advancing Social Justice: Reshaping the Future of Work in the Era of Technological Transformations and Crisis" in Yerevan. The President of Armenia, the RA Prime Minister, several ministers and deputies of the National Assembly of Armenia, as well as high-ranking officials from foreign countries participated in the Conference.
A meeting of the expert group for the evaluation of the outcomes of the "Decent Work Country Programme” (DWCP) of the Republic of Armenia for 2019-2023 was held on April 28. The DWCP aims to promote decent work as a key component of development strategy and, simultaneously, as a national policy objective of the government and social partners. The programme priority areas are: improvement of labor relations, strengthening of social partnership, development of employment policy in the Republic of Armenia and employment capacity building of women and men.
Armenian-Chinese business forum took place in Yerevan to develop and expand the Armenian-Chinese trade-economic relations. The event was organized by the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia and the China Overseas Development Association (CODA).
In the framework of the project, sociological surveys are carried out among SMEs, in-depth interviews are conducted with specialists, experts and entrepreneurs from different sectors of the RA economy, and focus group discussions are organized with state officials, experts and representatives of SMEs.
Considering the COVID-19 and post-war challenges for businesses, the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia will conduct FREE consultations for its members and partners in 6 areas.
The food security system can become a cornerstone for integrating and linking various sectors of the economy and becoming an alternative model for economic development. RUEA has been working with the World Food Programme in a multiphase assessment of Armenia’s food security system. On 5 February, 2021 we had a mini-conference to discuss the pillars around which food security system of Armenia can help develop the other sectors of the economy (we estimated at least 15 such sector linkages with food security).
On 30 April 2021, three RUEA representatives attended a meeting on the progress of the “Resource Saving and Clean Production” (RSCP) component of the “EU for the Environment” program. The main purpose of the meeting was to demonstrate the possible application of RSCP practices based on food / agriculture, construction materials and chemical industry, as well as to receive suggestions on partnership opportunities with other interested organizations.


  • Advocacy & Lobbying
    Advocating for the interests of the members & business community, presenting the business challenges to the Government at various state levels.
  • Social Partnership
    Submission of legislative reform proposals to the Government of Armenia based on RUEA members’ needs and various socio-economic analyses.
  • Education-Labour Market Cooperation
    Cooperation with educational institutions representing the  employers’ needs on professional skills and education.
  • Business Consulting
    Business planning, marketing and competitive growth, export promotion, consulting on foreign market, trainings and seminars.
  • Business Cooperation
    Promotion of business cooperation between local and foreign companies, participation in business forums and trades.
  • Legal Consulting
    Consulting and advising on business legislation, Government decisions, permits and planned legislative changes.


  • 14112
    RUEA unites 14112 Armenian organizations, representing all economic sectors of Armenia. 
  • 16
    RUEA represents the interests of employers, implementing business promotion and socio-economic development programs since 2007.
  • 22
    RUEA unites 21 business associations and sectoral unions, which represent different sectors of the economy.
  • 10
    RUEA has 10 regional unions in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia to represent the business interests in the regions.
  • 20%
    RUEA members represent 20% of the total number of active legal entities in Armenia.
  • 40%
    About 40% of the private sector employees work under RUEA members.

We can help you grow your business, raise your problems to the Government of Armenia, create business networks in Armenia and abroad.